Day 5: (Re)Housing the American Dream: a Message from the Future

Day 5

The Blueprint: Imagine three districts (at some point in the future), each with a different population, government structure, economy, resources, educational system and language. Each district deals with a specific set of questions around language, power and migration/immigration. What does each district look like, what are the rules and regulations, who is welcome?

The Materials: markers, pens, paper, hands and feet, cardboard, paint, empty water bottles, rope, tape, a sense of humor, dedication

The Tools: writing, collective imagination, forward thinking, composing, structuring, communicating (without words), drawing, building

The Architecture: We started the morning with exercises in composing and producing sounds of the future with our bodies. Additionally, we tried to communicate without talking in different performative ways.  Halfway the morning, we watched excerpts from different sci-fi movies, depicting different future times throughout the century for inspirations and ideas about landscapes, technology and envisioning a future. We divided the group in three teams, each responsible to design/create a specific district, with a specific set of questions. One team focused on issues of power, one on issues of migration and immigration and the last team focused on issues of communication and language. Each team outlined their blueprint for their own district. After lunch, each team collectively drew a map of the district with architectural landmarks, roads, houses, shops, hospitals, schools etc. This drawing became the starting point of thinking of a set design for each district. Once the map was drawn, the groups started to build the architecture emblematic for their district.