Day 4: (Re)Housing the American Dream: a Message from the Future

The Blueprint: What does the future have in store? What future scenarios can we imagine for ourselves and the United States? Where will be five years from now, or ten years from now. How can we undo some of the damage that is done? What kind of future do we want?

The Materials: markers, pens, sticky notes, tape, green screen fabric, lights, cameras, tripods, bodies, grass

The Tools: writing, imagination, forward thinking, communication, collaboration, improvisation, directing, framing, running, falling, walking (backwards), patience

The Architecture: In the morning, we continued to shoot the disaster scenarios revolving around the house; acted out and recorded in a green screen set at the space. This required some patience and quiet on the set… After our lunch break we explored how our body can function as a tool to communicate, and how physical actions can be broken down, like letters in a word. In the afternoon, the task at hand was to imagine and create a timeline (with sticky notes with notes) for the next 50 years in increments of 5 years. It’s hard to imagine to be 63 years old when you are only thirteen. We used these timelines to collectively imagine, in groups of seven, how American would evolve over the next 50 years.


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