Day 3: (Re)Housing the American Dream: a Message from the Future

Day 3

The Blueprint: What future disaster scenarios can we imagine? How would these play out? How would these be reported on? How would these stories be framed? What is fake, what is real?

The Materials: markers, pencils, tape, x-acto knives, rulers, paint, fabric, scissors, glue, super glue, Velcro, green screen fabric, lights, cameras

The Tools: writing, imagination, critical thinking, cutting, pasting, taping, balancing, communication, collaboration, improvisation, directing, framing

The Architecture: In the morning, we wrote individually a narrative around the houses and shelters. Where was it situated, who was living there? What disaster did just happen, or was happening? How did the build structure protect the people living in it? Throughout the day the group continued to build on and finish their homes. They took a break from building attempting to stand all in one small square – taped on the floor – with at least on foot, the other foot had to be either in the square, or outside the square, not touching the ground. The group attempted several configurations of huddling and holding until they collectively figured out a way. In the afternoon, the disaster scenarios revolving around the houses were acted out and recorded in a green screen set at the space.