Day 2: (Re)Housing the American Dream: a Message from the Future

Day 2

The Blueprint: What are the dangers we want to protect ourselves from in the future? How will climate change affect the world? How will it affect where people can live?  What will migration look like. Who are climate refugees? What does shelter mean?

The Materials: markers, pencils, tape, x-acto knives, rulers, paint, fabric, empty bottles, scissors, glue, super glue

The Tools: discussion, empathy, critical thinking, cutting, taping, painting, patience, , measuring, communication, counting, crawling

The Architecture: In the morning, we watched excerpts of documentaries about climate refugees and climate change. We watched a powerful short documentary made by a seventeen- year-old girl form Syria, living in a refugee camp in Jordan. We looked at alternative sustainable ways of building homes and shelters from unusual and recycled materials. We played games: how to cross a line with the whole group at the exact same time? The group tested different methods and body parts to use to cross a taped line on the floor. They almost, almost really succeeded. We continued to build the houses/shelters of the future and selected images online of different landscapes in which these designs would exist and protect.